The SIHH 2006

An Overview - Part 3

Text by Alexandre Ghotbi, photos by Alberto Schileo
April 2006 by Alberto Schileo, Alexandre Ghotbi and

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Girard Perregaux

GP was one of the first brand we visited on Monday morning April 3, and they put the bar really high. Amongst their novelties were two new movements (including an automatic mens watch cal 4500) the WWTC with a new case, Lauretato with big date which in my opinion is a good alternative to the Royal Oak as a sports watch, WWTC perpetual calendar a beautiful ladies Cats Eyes with retrograde indications and a limited edition chronograph and Vintage 1945 made in tribute to the classic car rally. Finally there was also a very elegant Classique with date.

The Vintage 1945 triple calendar with day and month indications via apertures and a date hand on the periphery of the dial. A discreet and well proportioned times piece.

However the next two really blew me away.

First comes the Vintage Perpetual Calendar with Equation of Time a massive case for a perfectly legible and well balanced dial design, I am particularly fond f the retrograde indication which shows at the beginning of each month if the relevant month has, 28, 29, 30 or 31 days. An intelligent and useful complication especially for those who like me need to count on their knuckles to find out how many days are in each month :-).

For the past couple of years I have at numerous times ranted against the tourbillon overkill and here I am about to tell you that one of my favourite pieces of the SIHH 2006 is in fact a tourbillon! Not an ordinary one but GPs traditional three bridge tourbillon and in this case under three sapphire bridges and in a Laureato case. The rotor is ingeniously hidden under the main barrel at twelve and the movement on its back is ruthenium plated. A fabulously modern and attractive watch and among the most exciting tourbillons I have seen in a long time!

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