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An Overview - Part 5

Text by Alexandre Ghotbi, photos by Alberto Schileo
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Parmigiani is this year building its brand image by accentuatin visually recognisable features such the lettering on the dials, the hands and the construction of the dial on different layers.

Ever since Parmigiani introduced the Toric Westminster Minute repeater followed by the Bugatti I had come to expect a lot from this brand and had gone from disappointment to disappointment in the past years. This year as Peter Mayle wrote is a good year. Nothing fancy buy very nice designs.

The new Kalpa Tonda is a round watch but with the rectangular Kalpa lugs, giving the watch a very different look, reminiscent of some of the vintage pieces from the 40s – 50s where brands made some daring design experiments on their lugs. I particularly like the dials which are raised on the periphery and the big seconds. The Kalpa Tonda exists in 39 and 42mm cases. A limited edition Tonda Skeleton was also presented.

This year Parmigiani is also celebrating a double anniversary, the 30th of the creation of his workshops as an independent restorer (Parmiginani Mesure et Art du Temps) as well as the 10th anniversary of the launching of his own brand. To celebrate these millestones a limited edition (30 pieces) of a Kalpa Hebdomadaire XL in skeleton will be launched. The movement in rose gold is beautifully skeletonised and engraved. The case is in Palladium.

For those who like Parmigiani’s ladies watches you should note that a certain number of pieces with quartz movements provided by Patek Philippe shall be introduced.

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