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An Overview - Part 6

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A. Lange & Söhne

This year Lange was back to basics with a personal favourite of mine with the Richard Lange. This watch is Lange’s tribute to precision watchmaking and the famous B watches it made in the late 19th century and used by navigators.

The new caliber L041.2, with Lange’s inhouse spiral and balance and indirect seconds beats inside the watch, which aesthetically is very similar to Lange timepieces but also somewhat different. Great care has also been taken in the dial which is on two layers, a truly beautiful watch for all those out there who were waiting for a precision timepiece from a renown manufacture.

I really hope the Richard Lange will be presented in the future with dead seconds.

Back to basics doesn’t mean nothing complicated either! The second timepiece presented was the Perpetual Calendar Datograph Lange’s team spent a lot of time debating if the watch should first and foremost be a perpetual calendar or a chronograph, the later route was taken and it was decided not to sacrifice the time recording functions to the calendar ones. First of all the Perpetual Calendar Datograph is not just the Langematik perpetual module atop a Datograph movement but a new module conceived and implemented especially for this watch which shows just how much work and research actually go into a Lange wristwatch where no corners are cut.

Technically the watch is a feat, however aesthetically I find that the calendar/chronograph functions are too jammed in one small space between the 4 – 8 o’clock axis and at 6 with the moonphase.

The superlative Tourbograph Pour Le Merite presented end of 2005.

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