Introducing Who's Who in the Tribe of Journe?

Introducing the Tribu Journe (Journe Tribe)

Putting names to faces at F.P. Journe

by Ian Skellern
(c) December 2004

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Let's cross the road and have a look inside.

In the front offices we have

Masaki Saito (left) François-Paul Journe (right) . François-Paul also has his own watchmaker's bench in the atelier.

François-Paul needs no futher introduction.                  Masaki is in charge of Commercial Sales.

In the first office we have Anne (left) and Gudula (right).

Anne is the assistant to Masaki while Gulula is François-Paul Journe's personal assistant.

Next we have the Communication/Public Relations office. This team is very busy at present preparing the new catalogue   -  in nine languages!

Natalia (left) head of press and communications.Yacine (center) looking after advertising and who graciously took
time out to give me a tour. Monique (right) is responsible of the production of all the promotional material.

             Here we have Ursula in accounts explaining that a watchmaker's evening at the pub cannot be
             claimed on expenses - even if they did talk shop!

Moving on past the offices to the ateliers

First stop is the Resonance room.


               Here we have Philippe (left) and Pierre (right) working in perfect synchronization.
               If they fall out of harmony there is a button to push on the wall which lines them up again  

Onto the Tourbillon room.

Christophe                                                                 Alberto      

Frank                                                               Alain

Across the corridor to one of the Octa rooms.

Ludovic working on one of my favourites - the calendrier. This could be your next watch

  Pau                                                                Simon

Christophe finishing off a Chronograph

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Ian Skellern - December 2004

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