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Jean Daniel Nicolas Two-Minute Tourbillon

by Mr. Daniel Roth

by Ian Skellern (c) July 2005


A Photo Essay of a Beautiful Hand-Crafted Masterpiece

I know of no other watchmaker in Switzerland making such a high percentage of movement parts in his own atelier as Roth.

The two barrels carved out of this rod.

The tiny pinion in the center of this escape wheel (left) started its 'life' in Roth's atelier as a steel bar.

Calibre JDN2000L
2-Minute Tourbillon with power reserve indicator
18,000 bph
Twin barrels providing over 60 hours power reserve
Case size 40.7mm x 32.7mm x 11.4mm

Note the gold pointer at 60 seconds and the blued steel pointer opposite at 0 seconds. By careful and painstakingly precise adjustment of weight and position, Roth has used the difference in mass of the two metals to balance the tourbillon cage - just because he realized he could!

Manufacturing his own parts limits Roth's output to around three watches per year, making this an extremely rare timepiece.

Look closely at the shape of these waves; you are unlikely to see them on any other contemporary watch*.

Ian Skellern - July 2005

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